• Chip It!

    Posted on February 10th, 2012 Sarah 1 comment

    I just found a fun new tool to play with. It’s called Chip It! by Sherwin Williams.


    Here’s how they describe it:

    “Chip It! instantly identifies the main colors in any image you select, matches them to more than 1,500 Sherwin-Williams paint colors, and creates a Chip Card with the original image and its color palette.”

    It’s so fun. Basically while browsing the internet… or while browsing Pinterest, you see a particularly pleasing picture. Any picture really. A sunset, a beautiful room, a fun outfit or even a pile of toys but with colors that seem to talk to you. Right click on the image and select “copy the image URL”. Then visit Sherwin Williams Chip It! page at http://letschipit.com/. Paste the URL into the text box that says “Enter an Image URL”.


    It creates a custom chip board instantly identifying the top 5 colors in the color palette. Wow… how cool. Sherman Williams lets you save the color palette for later with a Chip It! account. They will save it for you. You can even create different Chip Books. Make one for every room in your house if you want OR turn around and pin it to one of your Pinterest boards! I now have a new board called Color Pallets (http://pinterest.com/sarahmenini/color-palettes/). I may just create an online mood board for each room with pictures of products, styles, designs, organizational tools and COLOR PALETTES. How cool is that! Can you sense how giddy I am becoming with all the ideas!

    Oh but in true infomercial style…. It Gets Easier Folks…. Sherwin Williams has made it easier. Did you notice that other little box next to the “Enter an Image URL” this one says “Drag This To Your Tool Bar”. Well that’s just what you do.. drag it to your tool bar. Now while browsing you can click on it in your tool bar and hover over your inspiration picture. A little Chip It! icon appears. Click it and your color palette is revealed. Wowzers!


    I am having way to much fun. And I thought I could waste a lot of time on Pinterest alone. Only it does get a little tricky. You can’t Pin a Chip It! from Pinterest. Are you with me? If you want to save a color palette from a pin to your pinterest board just right click and “copy the image URL”. Now put that into the Chip It! page. Just like we did above. Now you can Pin that custom Chip It! Phew. Oh and one more thing. Don’t forget to copy where your original picture came from and put that in the Pin box to describe your pin. That will give credit to the original source of the picture.

    Now excuse me for a bit while I go Pin some Chip It! projects on my Pinterest mood boards. Winking smile



    Disclaimer: The opinion above is strictly that MY opinion. I did not receive any compensation, money or other to review this product. I simply enjoyed playing with it and wished to share my thoughts. Although  this is a tiny and new blog with just a few friends as readers, should Sherman Williams read and take note of this post. I would gladly accept free paint or even a coupon cuz I LOVE to paint. –hint, hint and wink, wink!

    For questions or concerns contact me at sarah{at}raisingpotatoes{dot}com.