• Maintenance Monday’s

    Posted on February 6th, 2012 Sarah No comments

    Today is Monday and it feels so unproductive. Ughh.. I hate that feeling. But in truth, I think I have been really productive.

    I put a coat of paint on the laundry room wall project. I have done a couple loads of laundry. Ok they aren’t folded but they are clean. I’ve cleaned the kitchen, taken out the trash. I’ve stopped to nurse a couple times and I have read and answered all my email. Is that productive enough?

    Then why do I still not feel like I’ve done anything. Maybe cuz it is all maintenance. Yep Monday’s are about maintaining my home and cleaning up from the weekend. Another mom I know told me once that she doesn’t do chores on weekends. Really?? Yep her husband has a break so should she. I adapted that plan pronto… No chores on weekends. LOVE IT.

    But Monday’s…. Uggghhhh.