• Valentine’s Mantle

    Posted on February 13th, 2012 Sarah No comments

    Seriously it’s the day before Valentine’s and I am just posting pictures. Wow. If I am going to give this blogging thing a good go, I’m going to have to get a better rhythm. Anyhow several of these yarn wreaths have caught my attention on Pinterest lately. The first to make me say ahhh was a fall wreath from Décor Chick. See it here with a tutorial.  Check out the Valentines version she did here. Here’s a Christmas one at Mandi Being Crafty. And one more awesome Valentines wreath and tutorial at Remodelaholic.

    Valentines Mantle

    As for my first go with a yarn wreath… What do you think? Pretty simple. I thought I’d keep it clean and fresh. Maybe next year I can add some felt flowers or another embellishment but for now it’s great.

    Actually I have never really decorated for Valentine’s Day. This year my #1 daughter ask me to. “Uh o.k.” The wreath was the only thing that took a little work. About an hour and a half of my time (twice). Other decorations you see include paper doilies tied to mason jars with red bakers twine, a couple of pink votive candles, 2 vintage mason jars filled with candy (conversation hearts and red hots) and a vase of pink carnations. It’s a good thing the candy jars were up on the mantle my #2 daughter kept asking for the candy hearts. I guess they are her favorite. I sneak her a few here and there while daddy’s not watching. Hence why the jar is only half full. We did tell her though she could have the whole jar on Valentine’s Day. She’s having a little trouble with patience and I don’t think I am helping.

    In all honesty though, it was because of the wreath that I am posting so late. I made one that fell off the hook and hit the tile in front of the fireplace. Note to self: Don’t make these wreaths out of Styrofoam. They don’t hold up. Ooops. Lesson learned. I am thinking of making another for the Fourth of July. Another wreath on Pinterest has caught my eye from Naptime Crafting and I am thinking of copying it. Check it out on my Holiday Decorating Board at http://pinterest.com/sarahmenini/holiday-decorating/.