• 101 in 1001

    The Mission: Complete 101 preset tasks in a period of 1001 days.

    The Criteria: Tasks must be specific (ie no ambiguity in the wording) with a result that is either measurable or clearly defined. Tasks must also be realistic and stretching (ie represent some amount of work on my part).

    Why 1001 days? This has been tried, a list that is, in the past -sometimes called New Year’s Resolutions. The key to beating procrastination is to set a deadline that is realistic. 1001 days (about 2.75 years) is a better period of time than a year, because it allows you several seasons to complete the tasks, which is better for organizing and timing some tasks such as trips.

    Start Date: 4/18/2012       End Date: 1/13/2015

    For Me, My Mind or Just For Fun:

    1. Read 101 books.

    2. Read 5 classic novels.

    3. Read 3 books from the Library. Can be eBooks as long as they are borrowed from the library.

    4. Read 2 books recommended by my husband.

    5. Clean out bookmark folder on my computer and organize it somehow.

    6. Log 50 posts on my blog.

    7. Pin 5 of my own projects on pinterest or create a tutorial on my blog.

    8. Complete a level 1 piano book or a learn to play piano dvd.

    9. Learn to play a simple children’s song with 2 hands on the piano. (Baby Mine from Dumbo)

    10. Learn to play chess.

    11. Learn to gut a fish and do it at least once.

    12. See best picture from the year of my birth. (Rocky)

    13. Learn all the America Presidents in order.

    14. Learn to recognize each state by its shape.

    15. Go deep sea fishing.

    16. Spend the night away from the kids and with my husband at least once.

    17. Go to see a concert or live performance with Tom once.


    18. Learn to knit.

    19. Make a latch hook rug.

    20. Learn to use and really use at least 2 power tools. (table saw, nail gun….)

    21. Create something with new skill with said power tool. (ladder for blankets in living room or clothes in my bedroom….)

    22. Sew something.

    23. Finish the quilt I have been working on since high school.

    24. Make something from Tom’s beer bottle caps.

    With the Kids:

    25. Take the kids fishing.

    26. Take the kids to the beach.

    27. Go tent camping as a family (again).

    28. Read 5 novels out loud to the girls. (1. Because of Winn Dixie)

    29. Create an ABC letter book with Ada.

    30. Tie dye shirts with the girls.

    31. Make ice cream from scratch with the girls.

    32. Take the kids fruit picking (apples, strawberries, blueberries….). (7/27/13 -peach picking)

    33. Go on a picnic.

    34. Do 5 science projects with the girls.

    35. Do 5 crafty activities with the girls. Go beyond the typical artsy stuff think clay, beads…. 

    36. Take the girls to play mini golf.

    37. Take the kids to the Rodeo.

    38. Take the girls to an art museum.

    39. Take the girl’s to paint pottery.

    40. Help the girls write a letter to each grandparent.

    41. Teach Olivia to tie her shoes.

    42. Teach Emma to dribble a basketball. (played on Ramblin’ Wreck Spring 2013)

    43. Sign Emma & Olivia up for piano lessons. (Sept. 2012)

    44. Do 10 Random Acts of Kindness with the girls.

    In the Kitchen:

    45. Try my hand at canning something.

    46. Organize my recipes and find a way to organize recipes to try.

    47. Try 10 new recipes for family meals.

    48. Cook dinner at home 5 days a week for a month.

    49. Make 2 basic home food items from scratch (butter, cheese, jelly, mayo, yogurt…)

    50. Cook something in cast iron.

    51. Plant potatoes. (spring 2013)

    Health and Fitness:

    52. Run 1 mile.

    53. Run a 5k. (AISD Rudolph Run 2012)

    54. Lose 15 lbs or 1 pants size. Record beginning weight & size on bathroom mirror.

    55. Do 40 pushups at one time.

    56. Donate blood twice.

    57. Bike around White Rock Lake.

    Going Green:

    58. Make my own shampoo & find a conditioner alternative.

    59. Change to organic (aluminum free) or homemade deodorant.

    60. Find a non disposable shaving method. (antique razor and real blades?)

    61. Try the diva cup.

    62. Plant a tree.

    63. Walk or bike to the store for small grocery trips at least twice.

    64. Upcycle 3 products I already own to something with a new use.

    65. Give 5 home made gifts that someone may really want or use.

    66. Add a new LIVE plant to the house and keep it alive for 3 months. Aleo Vera 7/1/13 –

    67. Make something out of an old shipping pallet.

    Keepsakes/ Memories:

    68. Cross stitch something for each girl’s keepsakes.

    69. Finish up Emma’s first year scrapbook

    70. Start a scrapbook for Olivia’s first year.

    71. Finish my wedding ABC scrapbook.

    72. Create a mommy and me journal with Emma.

    73. Get professional family pictures done. Get sister pictures done.

    74. Take a class or read a book about Photoshop basics. (Jessica Sprague online course for beginning Photoshop)

    75. Create a simple album or digital scrapbook using Photoshop.

    76. Back up all photo’s on the computer to CD or other plan to put in the safe.

    77. Begin a family digital scrapbook with Project Life.

    78. Catalog and name all the people in mom’s vintage pictures. Make basic family tree with mom’s help to understand the relationship of all these people.

    For the House:

    79. Paint and create gallery wall in downstairs hall. Include at least 5 none picture things.

    80. Paint an Irish Blessing on the faux TV wall.

    81. Hang “no sew roman shades” on windows on stairs.

    82. Buy second hand chandelier from resale store (or use the one removed from my dining room) paint bold (pink?) and hang in craft closet or laundry room.

    83. Paint the dining room and install board and batten treatment.

    84. Buy a new dining room light fixture and install it myself.

    85. Paint the master bedroom.

    86. Clean up and clean out the game room. Clear off the pool table and make it available to host company in that room again.

    87. Organize Pantry (paint or wallpaper and label jars and add baskets).

    88. Clean up and clean out Tom’s office. Clean out all the cabinets and reorganize as necessary.

    89. Lay a garden path from garden gate to yard gate of inlayed bricks or pavers.

    90. Create a house keeping/chore calendar and stick to for one month to try to catch up and keep up with housework.


    91. Plan 4+ meet ups with Kat.

    92. Host a beer tasting party (in Tom’s honor of course).

    93. Invite another family over for dinner at least 3 times.

    94. Finish organizing the birthday’s for friends kids to be able send birthday cards.

    Finance and Future:

    95. Write our wills.

    96. Pay off the new van. (March 2013)

    97. Get our credit report (again).

    98. Write a legacy letter to my girls.

    99. Get passports for Tom and I.

    100. Update girl’s savings account with $100 per year since their birth.

    101. Fully fund one of our Roth IRA’s one year. Fund the other the next year or fund both in one year.